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Let’s get you and your game to GDC!

The Defold GDC Competition 2017



Create something awesome using the Defold game engine, and submit it before January 22, 2017, 23:59 CET.

See the competition rules for more detailed information, or check out this forum thread if you have any questions.


18 people—six teams—will win the grand prize consisting of GDC expo passes, travel to San Francisco, and accommodation. And last but not least, a spot in an exclusive booth dedicated to the winning games—where you get to showcase your game to 27,000 people!


While there are no clearly defined categories by which your submission will be judged, what we are looking for is a reasonably polished playable which should be fun and/or interesting for most users. Or in other words—we prefer seeing something very small that is awesome rather than a full game that is mediocre.


How many teams will win?

Six teams with three people each—meaning we will send eighteen people to GDC in total!

What genre should I make my game?

Any genre! Defold is a versatile engine suited for all types of 2D games, and we would love to see this reflected in the entries. We are not looking for stuff of a specific type – just awesome stuff.

Can I submit more than one entry?

Yes, of course! There is no limit to how many entries you can submit.

Am I expected to promote Defold at GDC if I win the competition?

No, we would rather you talk about yourself and your game. That’s why you’re there; not to promote Defold.

March 2017
industry journalists
“We had an absolute blast at GDC last year—the Defold competition was a great opportunity for us. 10/10 would do it again!”
Jacob Ulmert and Gustav Björklind
Creators of Cosmic Crescendo, and one of the winners of last year’s Defold GDC competition


Eli Hodapp


Eli Hodapp is Editor in Chief of TouchArcade.com, the largest iOS-specific games site on the internet. He's been covering mobile gaming for nearly a decade now, and has loved every minute of it.

How are you?

“I'm COLD! We were having a super mild winter here in Chicago and then suddenly someone flipped the switch back to the brutal winters we're used to.”

What will you look for in the submissions?

“Any time I judge an event like this I'm always looking for what feels like the most unique and innovative game concepts.”

Sabrina Carmona


Producer at King and Paladin in the Game World! Latin American mobile market researcher and speaker.

How are you?

“Great! Looking forward for the submissions!”

What will you look for in the submissions?

“I would love to see something innovative, or at least creativily adapted. I would love to see fun in its simplest way.”

Jamil Moledina


Games portfolio management for Google Play and Daydream. Writer: Tearing the Sky (novel), Tank Nation (game), Android Developers Blog.

What will you look for in the submissions?

“Innovation and fun. Developers take a risk when they present something original to audiences. It's important for the whole marketplace if we can make sure that innovation gets a spotlight, so it has a chance to flourish.”

Do you have any words of advice to people who are thinking about joining the competition?

“Competitions are one of the best ways to build buzz around your game, since they're driven by how amazing the game actually is. Don't second-guess yourself, just enter your game!”

Glen Fox


Editor at Pocket Gamer, providing reviews, previews, news, features, opinion pieces, and hands-on videos for Pocket Gamer and AppSpy—and Bath-based writer who has an unhealthy obsession with video games.

What made you get into the gaming industry?

“An obsessive passion for games that I've fostered since picking up a PS1 controller for the first time. I eventually discovered Nintendo thanks to the advert for Super Mario Sunshine, and picked up a copy of NGC. It was then I realised that I wanted to be a games journalist, so stopped at nothing until I made it so. The rest, as they say, is history.”

Do you have any words of advice to people who are thinking about joining the competition?

“This is kind of a recap of what I said earlier, but either innovate with a fresh idea or take, or polish your game up to a fine sheen. Gamers are accepting of games that riff on ideas they've seen if it's fun to play and well-polished.”



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