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Examples project

This project showcases some of the features of the Defold engine. Try it out above to see what it contains, then please feel free to download the project and study it, or play around with it.

Download Examples project

The project contains the following simple examples:

Main menu

A GUI menu built with button templates. All examples are separate collections that are loaded via collection proxies.

On screen controls

Some of the examples has on screen controls that capture input and sends it by messages to the relevant controller script.


A drivable car with a simple camera that keeps the car centered at all times.


Dynamic collisions. Collision groups and masks are used to separate triggers that remove game objects with physics from the world.


Showcases the basic node types, clipping, templates, fonts and dynamic textures.

3D material

A custom render script that renders the view from 2 camera viewpoints and blends them together to an anaglyphic 3D image.


This example uses a collection factory to spawn game object hierarchies with initial properties. These do in turn spawn a couple of game objects.

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