Defold Developer Grant Background Information

Who we are:

The Defold Developer Grant (the “Developer Grant”) will be provided by Midasplayer Technology AB (also referred to in these terms as ‘Defold’, ‘we’. ‘us’ and ‘our’) in conjunction with our group company, King Digital Entertainment (“King”). The award of this Grant and the judging and review of the games you submit in your application of this Grant will not be done by anyone involved in the development or production of games at King.

We respect your intellectual property rights and, other than in respect of our Defold Engine and any other Defold materials and software that you have included in your game, neither we nor King make claims of ownership in respect of any intellectual property rights in the games you submit.


Developer Requirements

By applying for the Developer Grant you agree that: (i) you have read and accept these terms and conditions; (ii) you have read and accepted the Defold Developer Terms and Conditions, which you can access here:; and (iii) published your game on either iOS or Android (or both) in order to meet the Initial Criteria (see the “How to Qualify and Judging” Section below).

You must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application in order to be eligible for the Developer Grant.

The Developer Grants

  1. Each developer grant (“Developer Grant”) shall consist of 10 million advertising impressions which will be awarded (subject to your compliance with these terms) as:

    • a. a cross-promotion of your game using the King games ad network; and/or
    • b. third party online advertising space procured by King.
  2. Advertising impressions mean advertising units such as pop-up ads, dog-ear ads and banner ads. The adverts will be static, image based adverts promoting your game. As part of the Developer Grant award you will work with King’s in-house advertising team to design the advert(s) to be used in the campaign we run for you.
  3. King will retain sole discretion over which advertising units it will use and when and where it will display your adverts in order to fulfil our commitment under the Developer Grant, save that we and King will endeavour to serve all 10 million impressions before the end of the quarter following the quarter in which you are awarded the Developer Grant.
  4. Provided we receive sufficient qualifying games (see How to Qualify and Judging below) our intention is to award one (1) Developer Grant per quarter for up to four quarters, commencing on 2nd October 2017. If we do not award a Developer Grant in one quarter, we reserve the right to make two (2) awards in the subsequent quarter. If you are not awarded a grant in one quarter you may re-apply for a grant using the same game in another quarter.

How to Qualify and Judging

  1. In order to qualify for the Developer Grant your game must meet the following initial criteria:

    • (i) be a mobile game made using our Defold Engine;
    • (ii) be available on either iOS or Android (or both);
    • (iii) have achieved a minimum of 2,000 installs since launch (if your game is available on iOS and Android then you can aggregate your installs across both platforms);
    • (iv) have achieved a two (2) day player retention rate of at least 20% on average for a period of at least two (2) weeks and for the latest and current version of your game;
    • (v) have an app store rating of 3.5 or above for the latest and current version of the game (in aggregate if your game is available on more than one platform); and
    • (vi) have the Defold data analytics switched on in your game so that we can validate the criteria above,
      (collectively the “Initial Criteria”).
  2. All games that meet the Initial Criteria must be submitted to us (see the How to Apply section below) for review.
  3. Each Developer Grant shall awarded to the team with the game which:

    • can be proven to meet the Initial Criteria; and
    • in our opinion, is the most creative, playful, unique and well-executed game created in the Defold Engine. Our decision shall be final. No correspondence will be entered into regarding the award of a Developer Grant.
  4. We will notify you by email to the Defold log-in email address you provide to us if we decide to award you a Developer Grant, once we have made our decision.
  5. If you do not contact us to confirm the acceptance of your Developer Grant within 30 days of us notifying you of your award, then you will forfeit your award of the Developer Grant and we may award it to another applicant.
  6. By applying for the Developer Grant you also permit us to access your game and the Defold data analytics solely to the extent required by us to review the data you have provided in relation to the Initial Criteria and to judge the game. If you are awarded a Developer Grant, you also agree to grant us all rights that we reasonably require in order to fulfil our commitments to you under these terms, only for such time that we require to fulfil such commitments.
  7. The Developer Grant cannot be exchanged for a cash or cash equivalent award and is not transferable to another game, whether owned by you or a third party.

How to Apply

  1. Applications will be open from 2nd October 2017 and shall continue for up to four (4) quarters. We will post updates on the Defold website about application periods and awards.
  2. You can enter by linking your game created in the Defold engine on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. You will also need to include your Defold log-in email address, team name (if applicable) along with the full name, email address, phone number and address of each member of the team who developed the game.
  3. You do not have to pay us anything to apply for the Developer Grant, however you are responsible for any phone or internet charges you may incur in entering. If you’re unsure about these charges you should contact your phone or internet operator before applying.

About your submission

  1. You promise that all of the information which you provide to us in connection with your application shall be and shall remain complete and accurate.
  2. You promise that the game that you submit:

    • will not contain anything (i) that is or could reasonably be viewed as harmful, harassing, defamatory, libellous, obscene or invasive of another’s privacy; or (ii) which you do not have a right to make available lawfully (including any material which infringes the rights of any other);
    • does not breach: (i) these term and conditions; (ii) Defold Developer Terms and Conditions; and (iii) the terms and conditions of the platforms on which you publish your game.
  3. You promise that the game submit for this grant is original, that it is owned by you and you have not borrowed it or copied it (or any part of it) from anyone else.
  4. We reserve the right to verify any games and applications submitted to us and may refuse to reward a Developer Grant and/or disqualify you from the application process if you make or attempt to make any application which is in our reasonable opinion contrary to these terms and conditions or by its nature unfair to other applicants. This might include entries which are fraudulent, made on behalf of another person or made by hacking, cheating or deception. Please note that we will consider any attempt to manipulate install or retention figures (such as through the use of bots or other similar devices) a breach of these terms and conditions.
  5. By applying for this grant you agree that we, King (and our group and affiliate companies) may edit, publish and use all or part of your application in any and all media (including print and online) for promotion and news purposes, both during and after the period during which we offer the Developer Grants, without any payment to you. We may also use your name for these purposes.

Legal stuff

  1. We may use your name and the personal information which you provide to us in applying for a Developer Grant to contact you for the purposes described in these terms and conditions and also about our products or services we think may interest you. We will process and store your information in accordance with our privacy policy which can be found at:
  2. We accept liability for death of personal injury caused by our negligence or that or our employees or agents and for losses caused by the fraud or us or our employees or agents or any other liability which may not by law be excluded. For other loss or damage we will only be responsible for losses which are a reasonably foreseeable consequence of our negligence or breach of these terms and conditions up to the value of the winning prize. Losses are foreseeable where they could be contemplated by you and us at the time of you applying for a Developer Grant.
  3. We are not responsible for:

    • Losses not caused by our breach of these terms or negligence;
    • Losses which are not reasonably foreseeable by you and us at the time of you applying for a Developer Grant, including losses which happen as a side effect of foreseeable losses;
    • any increase in loss or damage resulting from breach by you of any of these terms and conditions;
    • entries that are delayed or which we do not receive;
    • technical failures or the lack of availability of our website and/or social media channels where these are not within our reasonable control;
    • any taxes which may be payable by you in connection with your receipt of the Developer Grant; or
    • any failure to provide the Developer Grant or to meet any of our obligations under these terms and conditions where that failure is due to events outside of our reasonable control (in particular we are not responsible for the performance of any third party who might be involved in providing ad impressions although we will endeavour to minimise the effect to you of any third party’s failure).
  4. We may wish to transfer all or a part of our rights under these terms to someone else without obtaining your consent. You agree that we may do so provided that the transfer does not significantly disadvantage you.
  5. The judging and award of the Developer Grant, including with these terms and conditions, shall be governed by the laws of England. Any additional rights which you may have as a consumer remain unaffected by these terms.
  6. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with the Developer Grant or these terms and conditions will be adjudicated in the courts of England, unless you choose the courts of your home country instead.
  7. You can access these terms and conditions at any time at http:s//