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The completely free game engine Defold solves the technical issues we all have in common when making games. That way, you can focus on being creative and building great games.

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Create with Defold

Wanna create great games faster? We’ve made Defold to let you focus on the important bits – to be creative when you create your next game. We’ll take care of the rest. In the end – it’s all about shipping games.


No Setup

Defold is a turn-key solution. There’s nothing to set up or configure. and get creative immediately.

  • Visual Editor
  • GUI Editor
  • Lua Code Editor
  • Particle Editor
  • Scene Editor
  • Tile Editor
Lua logo

Script with Lua

Game logic is scripted in Lua. We opted for Lua since it’s fast, easy to learn, easy to use, creates clean and small code and is well documented online.

The Defold editor supports Lua script editing with syntax coloring and auto-completion.

Multiple platforms support illustration

No more platform. One codebase, one click deployment to all build targets.


Squash the Bugs

Quick builds, quick loading games, and quick production makes it easier to test your game and find any bugs. An ingame profiler helps you keep track of your code's performance.


Go Team

Defold has been built for efficient collaboration between disciplines. Everyone in your team shares the same project and work in the same tool. Code and visual editors are included and you work in merge friendly files if a merge conflict ever happens.

Hot reloading illustration

Hot reloading of updated assets and logic into your running game creates a rapid workflow, promoting experimentation.


Easy Deployment

The fastest route from idea to finished game. One click deployment to six target platforms from the same code.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • HTML5
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows
  • Linux

Ready to create something awesome?

Artwork and assets from several great Defold games. Artwork and assets from several great Defold games. Artwork and assets from several great Defold games.

»Performance concerns everything. Not only run time, but also load times, work flows, everything that has to do with a game engine and creating games with it.«

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