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Defold is the full-featured, turn-key solution capable of building fast, lightweight HTML5 games.

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Tiny engine

Tiny engine footprint below 700 kB and OTA functionality enables instant startup times with content loading when needed.

Games for everyone

Defold’s focus on performance makes games accessible to everyone, regardless of which device they are on.

Full Instant Games support

Defold has full support for the Instant Games API, and is fully compatible with all Facebook game platforms.

Instant Games

XOXO is a fully-featured Facebook Instant Game example, made with Defold. Download it for free, if you’re the “learning-by-doing” type of person.

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Built for shipping games

Defold is a professional tool which takes you all the way from prototyping to production.

Blazingly fast

Performance is everything. Whether its build time or overhead sizes, we craft the engine to minimize bloat.

Free forever

We will never charge you anything for using Defold, and you will always own the rights to what you create.

No Setup

Defold is a turn-key solution. There’s nothing to set up or configure. Just download the editor and get creative.

  • Visual Editor
  • Lua Code Editor
  • Scene Editor
  • Version Control
  • Particle Editor
  • Tile Editor

Ready to create something awesome?

Artwork and assets from several great Defold games. Artwork and assets from several great Defold games. Artwork and assets from several great Defold games.


You are just one step away from creating awesome games!

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