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GUI pie nodes

Pie nodes can be used to create circular or ellipsoid objects. In its simplest form, a pie node is simply a circle or ellipse inscribed in the node bounding box. If the width and height are identical, the circle’s diameter will be that value. If the width and height differ, the node will instead be an ellipse with the node width being the horizontal extent of the ellipse and the height being the vertical extent. The texture set for the node is applied straight, with the corners of the texture correlating to the corners of the node bounding box.

Pie node

Pie nodes have a set of properties that make it possible to use them to create a wide range of shapes. All of these properties can be changed programmatically (see GUI API documentation for details) and some can be animated.

Pie properties

Inner radius
The inner radius of the node, expressed along the X axis.
Outer bounds
Extend the node to the outer radius (Ellipse) or to the node’s bounding box (Rectangle).
Perimeter vertices
The number of segments that will be used to build the shape, expressed as the number of vertices required to fully circumscribe the 360 degree perimeter of the node.
Pie fill angle
How much of the pie should be filled. Expressed as a counter-clockwise angle starting from the right.

Radius and angle

With the Outer bounds option set to Rectangle the shape extends to the node bounding box. Together with an Inner radius and/or a Pie fill angle, complex shapes can be created.

Rectangle bounds

Rectangle bounds and angle

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