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Made with Defold

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Blossom Blast Saga

King's first game using Defold. Follow Blossom the bee as you link your way through bee-autiful gardens full of colorful buds. Watch out for those weeds, the more flowers you grow the better!

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Hammarhaja AB

Hammerwatch Coliseum

Hammerwatch Coliseum by Hammarhaja is a fantasy-themed ’hack and slash’ adventure for mobile devices where gladiators fight against monsters and rivals in an endless chain of increasingly difficult challenges.

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CGA Moment

Cosmic Crescendo

One of the winners of the Defold Beta competition. Dive into zero-gravity, collect planet-cracking bombs and fire lots of laser to defeat interdimensional interdimensional octopus-like bosses.

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UKNYX Studio

Help Hero

Another Defold Beta competition winner, Help Hero might looks like a rhythmic game but is something completely different! You know the next moves of enemies, help the hero to save the world!

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Stack the Stuff

The final Defold Beta competition winners were playing boardgames and thought it would be fun with a reverse version of games like Jenga. And so Stack the Stuff was born!

Crazy sorting factory screenshot
Guru Games

Crazy Sorting Factory

Guru Games based in Skövde, Sweden, originally started out with PC games and has now included its first mobile title; Crazy Sorting Factory.

Crazy sorting factory screenshot
PocApp Studios

Sling a Kitty

Sling a Kitty is a fun, brain-teasing puzzle game for mobile devices. Play as a lost kitten, flinging and bouncing yourself up, over and through trees, waterfalls, patches of honey, and many more obstacles to be reunited with your cat family.

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We, Robots

Andromeda Software Development

Made in Defold for Tokyo Demo Fest 2016