Nightspade is a Game Development Studio from Indonesia that because one of the Defold beta competition winners with the game Stack the Stuff.

By Nightspade

The Story

Stack the Stuff is the first game concept that we made back in 2012. At that time, we encountered a lot of power outage at our office. When the power is gone we usually play board games. We got the inspiration for Stack the Stuff while playing Uno Stacko. We thought it would be interesting to make a reverse Uno Stacko. Then we started designing it straight away.

Illustration: Stack the Stuff early drawing

This is one of the early sketches.

Instead of using blocks, we use many different objects with different shapes, weights, and textures, so that the game would be more challenging and open to more possibilities of game design. After some discussion, we decided to use office supplies. Finally we want players to know immediately what this game about, just by the title.  That’s why we choose to name the game Stack The Stuff. 

The Process

Using Defold was an interesting experience for us. Yes, Defold is new and need some improvements, but the basic functions are there. One of the improvements needed is polygon collider. In Stack the Stuff, we need this function to create the physic body of the objects. 
“...we can test the game on the device directly.”
Even though this function is not available yet, we can solve this problem by using combination of basic shape: rectangle and circle.   The Scene Editor helped us a lot to arrange the layout of the game. Another feature that’s very useful for us is remote testing. Using this feature, we can upload the game to the device, so we can test the game on the device directly.
Illustration: Stack the stuff screens

The Team

Edwin is the programmer of Stack the Stuff. Unlike any other programmers who converts coffee and chips into working code. Edwin has created Stack the Stuff in many platform, so we call him Certified Stack the Stuff Programmer. The artist for this game is Vian. Every girl in the world hates him, because he can't get fat. He can eat whatever he want, sleep all day, avoid exercise, and still not gain a single pound. Gerry is responsible for the game design. He's not a typical game designer who designs the game from easy to hard, but from hard to impossible. Project manager for Stack the Stuff is Teddy. He has the easiest job, since the team is passionate and skillful. All he has to do is make sure that no one goes hungry or is angry. So he refills the water jug, calls the food delivery service, and provides funny cat videos.

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