Focus on performance

Performance concerns everything. Not only run time, but everything that has to do with creating a game.


Defold is a turn-key solution, providing everything you need to build a game.


  • Flip book animations for sprites, GUI nodes and particles
  • Spine bone animations with full support for blending
  • Keyframe events
  • Inverse kinematics in keyframes and dynamically scriptable
  • All sprite and GUI properties can be animated
  • Predefined or custom easing functions for all property animation


  • One click deployment to 6 target platforms (iOS, Android, HTML5, OS X, Windows, Linux) from the same code and content
  • Editor and tools running on Mac OS X (10.7 Lion or later), Windows 7 and later, Linux (Ubuntu LTS and Debian 7 has been verified to work)


  • Small engine overhead (currently about 5Mb but the goal is to cut that down considerably)
  • Fast build times. All build targets, even HTML5, are completed in seconds
  • Static content dependencies gives automatic resource management. Only used assets are included in game builds
  • Sprite packing to atlases
  • Per platform configurable texture compression
  • Dynamic batching in the render pipeline
  • Asynchronous (or synchronous) loading of asset data


  • Fully scriptable rendering pipeline with low level access
  • Custom materials and shaders
  • Particle effects editor with live previewing of emitter and modifier behavior
  • Curve editor for controlling particle parameter changes over particle lifespan
  • Tile editor for building 2D level geometry
  • GUI editor
  • Layered GUI with text, images and pie nodes
  • GUI clipping/stencil masks
  • GUI image nodes support slice-9 texturing
  • Automatic GUI layout and support for orientation changes
  • Bitmap and distance field fonts
  • Truetype, Opentype and BMFont supported


  • 2D and 3D physics (Box 2D and Bullet) fully integrated
  • Shape based collision detection
  • Precise collision detection for tilemaps
  • Static, dynamic and kinematic (scriptable) physics objects
  • Robust triggers


  • Ogg and Wav sound support
  • Hierarchy of mixers, fully scriptable


  • Turn-key software with no dependencies on other programs. No need for Xcode for iOS deployment
  • Hot reloading of updated assets and logic
  • Wireless hot reloading, debugging and visual profiling on device
  • Scene editor for assembling and laying out assets and logic
  • Crash report API on all platforms
  • Automatic refactoring of assets
  • Prefab construction of game assets with collections and GUI with templates
  • Stand alone build pipeline for custom workflows
  • Headless engine for automated testing
  • Library sharing between projects
  • All data in easily merging text files

    Debug & test

  • Hot reload with custom Lua hooks for setup and inspection
  • Live on-screen visual profiler
  • Remote web-based profiler with visual frame sampling
  • Lua debugging via Zerobrane
  • Built-in video capture of game footage
  • Native crash log API:s


  • Lua language fully integrated for expressing game logic safely and with good performance
  • Engine supports reactive-style Lua scripting for low overhead and great performance
  • Asynchronous communication between game objects


  • Google and Apple push notification APIs
  • Google and Apple in-app purchases APIs
  • Facebook APIs
  • HTTP and Lua socket network APIs

Ready to create something awesome?

Artwork and assets from several great Defold games. Artwork and assets from several great Defold games. Artwork and assets from several great Defold games.