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Defold is a versatile and light-weight game engine. It’s designed for fast, efficient and collaborative game creation for independent developers and teams.

We are now letting select indie developers download and use the engine free of charge.

Defold is a free game engine

The fastest route from idea to finished game. Create, inspire, delight with the collaborative game engine Defold.

  • 1 codebase - 6 platforms.
  • Live test over WiFi on device.
  • Update design assets without the need for a new build.
  • See the technology overview for more.
Defold in 1:26 minutes

Building with Defold

Defold is the ability to create games cross-platform without the hassle. It’s a tried and tested game engine where you can test the games instantly on your device over Wi-Fi. It’s also a engine with speed in mind. It’s super fast. Quick builds, quick loading games, and quick production.

We went from starting a new project to having a prototype ready in less than three or four hours.

Johan Högfeldt, creator of Hammerwatch Coliseum

Why you'll love Defold

Cross-platform done right

One codebase — six platforms. iOS, Android, HTML5, OSX, Windows, and Linux in one click.

Download and go

One package. No configuration needed. No additional development tools needed. Free of charge.

Creative freedom

Build anything you imagine in versatile Lua script. Robust core and an extendable editor.

Fast turnaround

See your changes immediately and test on device live over wifi. We count build times in seconds.

A tool for teams

One tool for both developers and designers. Everything in sync with state of the art version control.

No load screen for you

Minimum overhead with small packages. Games start blazingly fast.

Tutorials to get you started

(Check out our learn section for our full documentation)

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We are letting select indie developers download and use Defold for free. Get in line for early access.