Defold Editor 2 is here

(kind of)

Hi, thanks for wanting to try out Defold Editor 2! Please note that this is a pre-release, meaning that we are still adding certain features and correcting issues to the software before its official release. The pre-release version of the editor is updated several times per week, so you won’t have to wait long for bug fixes.

If you encounter any issues, please go through the issues before reporting the issue and help us avoid duplicates. By using Help ▸ Report Issue in the editor to report an issue, you’ll automatically attach useful information. Worth mentioning is that Editor 2 will send errors to, without asking for your permission.

Defold Editor 2 is 100% compatible with Editor 1, so you can always switch back if you want to.

- The Defold team.


Anything I need to know before I start?

Here are some things that are good to know:

  • Editor 2 saves all files at once. This will create a lot of diffs, because of new fields appearing in the files. This is not a compatibility issue, and will furthermore only happen the first time you save your project.
  • While we have no known data loss issues, you might want to check your diffs before pushing to production—especially for business-critical projects.
  • The app extracts some executables from a jar (e.g. the game engine executable) and expects to be able to run them. Windows Defender thinks they are trojans and might want to quarantine, but we promise they are safe.
  • The "desktop actions" (e.g. Help ▸ Report Issue, which invokes a browser) has been known to hang on some distros. This is obviously a bug, please report using Github directly if this happens to you.
  • Some keyboard shortcuts are either missing or temporary. Some of the shortcuts will probably change between Editor 1 and 2 for a nicer workflow and to better adher to what users expect coming from other programs.

The complete list of registered bugs can be found on Github.

I have a project created with Editor 1. Can I continue to work on my project with Editor 2?

Yes, the two versions of the Editor are 100% compatible. This means that you can create your project in Editor 1 and then switch to Editor 2 at any time you feel like it—even if the rest of your team stays on Editor 1. As there are some essential features missing in Editor 2, such as game bundling, you’ll need to open your project in Editor 1 in order to use certain features.

What features are missing in Editor 2?

Features that are currently missing in Editor 2, but are high priority:

  • Game projects can’t be bundled—this has to be done in Editor 1.
  • Ability to open text files in external editor by default.
  • Texture profiles.
  • 3D Animation Set editing.