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Text input

Listens to text input trigger "type" and modifies the game object label with the bunny's speech according to input. A "backspace" key trigger has also been added.

input bindings



function init(self)
    msg.post(".", "acquire_input_focus") 
    self.message = "" 

function on_input(self, action_id, action)
    if action_id == hash("type") then
        self.message = self.message .. action.text 
        label.set_text("#label", self.message) 
    elseif action_id == hash("backspace") and action.repeated then
        local l = string.len(self.message)
        self.message = string.sub(self.message, 0, l-1) 
        label.set_text("#label", self.message) 
  1. Tell the engine that this object ("." is shorthand for the current game object) wants to receive input. The function on_input() will be called whenever input is received.
  2. Store a variable in the script component with the text that the user types.
  3. If the “type” text trigger action is sent, add the typed text to the variable message that stores the text.
  4. Set the label component to the stored text.
  5. If the user presses backspace, set the stored text to a substring starting at the beginning of the stored text and ending at the length of the stored text minus 1. This erases the last character from the stored text.
  6. Set the label component to the stored text.

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